A fine looking fella like Colin Farrell can’t stay single for long, and apparently the Dublin hunk is involved in a relationship with a Polish actress named Alicja Bachleda-Curus, his co-star in the upcoming Irish-based film "Ondine."

Star magazine says Colin is so head over heels for Alicja that he’s asked her to move into his multi-million dollar home in the Hollywood hills.

“Colin wants to be with her all the time,” a friend told the mag. “He loves knowing she’ll be waiting for him when he comes home.”

One of the time-honored ways to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and the actress seems to realize this. “She really likes to cook for him!” the aforementioned friend told Star. 

Alicja, 26, certainly is gorgeous, as you can probably tell from the photo. Whether she’s a couple with Colin is another question, though Star is joined by plenty of gossips on the blogosphere claiming that they are indeed a twosome.

They met last year on the County Cork set of "Ondine," a fantasy film directed by Oscar winner Neil Jordan, which will likely get its world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival this fall. "Ondine" sees Farrell playing a fisherman who finds a woman in his fishing net.

“Theories about the girl's origins blossom as she transforms the lives of the fisherman and local townsfolk,” says a report about the film in Variety magazine.

In other Farrell news, for years women have known that Colin is hot stuff, and now the guys are realizing that too. Colin was just voted onto a list of sex symbols for gay men, clocking in at number 66.

Fellow Irishman Jonathan Rhys Meyers was voted 44 out of 100, while Neil Patrick Harris, best remembered for his role years ago as the teen doctor "Doogie Howser" on TV, was number one.