Following the success of “Crazy Heart” Colin Farrell has been bitten by the music bug. He has revealed that he could love to take to the road with Jeff Bridges because he enjoyed performing in the film.

Farrell played Tommy Sweet, in the movie, a country music star.

He said “We were at a country and western gig in front of a thousand people and you think someone might throw a can of Coors Light (beer) at your head!

“It felt like they were robbed of their 10 dollars! But being on the stage at a Toby Keith concert, in front of 14,000 people was just an absolute buzz.

“I kind of get it a little bit more than I did before. Bono at times gets a reputation for having something of a bloated ego.

“Nonsense; the man is humble! After 14 minutes onstage at a Toby Keith concert, I'd be driving around Dublin in a chariot! Seriously, the buzz was amazing.

"If Jeff calls me up to join him on a Crazy Heart tour, I'll be there!"

Unfortunately Farrell will not be taking to the road anytime soon or he will miss the premiere of his newest movie “London Boulevard, starring Keira Knightly.

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