Irish actor Colin Farrell is reportedly in the running to play legendary Welsh actor Richard Burton in a film about the marriage – sorry, marriages – of Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor.

Farrell is certainly as unpredictable as the Welsh actor was, and he's certainly a better pick than the other rumored choice Russell Crowe (the man with the anger management issues).

Angelina Jolie and Catherine Zeta-Jones are both rumored to be ready to maim one another's children to play the part of Taylor, but we hope Zeta-Jones is successful. Jolie is overexposed and pretty humorless in her roles to date and Zeta-Jones has the kind of sparkle and smarts that would make you more likely to believe in her as Taylor.

Burton and Taylor stayed together for 10 years before divorcing, and then they remarried a year later in a second union that last only 10 months.

The movie, if it gets the green light, would primarily focus on the troubled Taylor/Burton relationship.