Former Dublin hellraiser, Colin Farrell, is set to play Black Sabbath’s Prince of Darkness, Ozzy Osbourne in a new biopic.

The Paramount Pictures and MTV Film’s have revealed that Colin Farrell would be their ideal choice to play the Brummie rocker.

An spokesperson joked ““At least Colin and Ozzy are on the same page when it comes to using four-letter words!”

Another insider has been quoted saying “Colin drinks, he smokes, he womanizes. He's just a sleeve tattoo away from being a real rock star.”

However, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne both have their own idea.

Ozzy has said that he wants an actor from Birmingham, his hometown in the north of England to play his part to make it more authentic. He said “I'd like to get a Birmingham guy to play the young lad in it because Americans can't do a good Brummie accent.”
Sharon has also mentioned that she would like Johnny Depp to play her husband’s part. Well we can guess why that is.

However, Ozzy seems to be sticking to his guns. “I don't want a Johnny Depp or someone from the Hobbit films. I want someone who knows Birmingham. I'm from Birmingham, and it would be good to get someone from Birmingham to play me,” said the Prince of Darkness.

He added “I'd like to do something like an X Factor audition, but Sharon does all that kind of thing, you know.”

The 61-year-old Black Sabbath rocker has certainly had an interesting like. So interesting in fact that scientist at a DNA researchers in St. Louis are studying Ozzy to find out why he’s still alive having partied hard all his life. Ozzy and Keith Richards should compare notes.