Colin Farrell has admitted hecould have died like Heath Ledger if he has not changed his wild ways. He sasy he was overcome with emotion at Ledger's funeral when he realized how lucky he was to escape Ledger's fate. The Australian actor died of an overdose.

Farrell recalls, "(I felt) this could've been me. I wouldn't describe it as survivor's guilt, but yes, that came into it a little bit. It makes you ask some questions about yourself."

Farrell was drafted in as one of three replacements for Ledger to finish the movie 'The Imaganinarium of Doctor Parnassus' which Ledger was filming when he died of a drug overdose in Janury 2008.

Farrell says the death of Ledger forced him to re-examine his own life and he believes he has become a better person because of it.