Colin Farrell has revealed how happy he is as a father to two sons, including even when he is changing diapers. He has taken five months off so far to be with them in Los Angeles and does not expect to work again until June

The star was on Ireland’s "Late Late Show" and spoke about his children in frank terms.

He said he has been home with his four month-old son Henry for the past few months and relishes diaper duty. He met Henry’s mother, Alicja Bachleda, during the filming of "Ondine," his latest movie set in Ireland, which premiered there this week.

“It’s an honor he told host Ryan Tubridy, about changing diapers “it's actually good crack (fun), he is so lovely.”

He said he found changing diapers "easy" but would not have liked to do it in “the days of towels and pins.”

He has also been spending more time with his other son James who is six with actress Kim Bordenave. James has Angelman Syndrome, which makes it very difficult for him to communicate.

He said he and his child "communicate with signs…" and also with “expression and energy.”

Sometimes he said it can be frustrating, as the time when his son had an ear infection and they didn’t know for weeks. "I said 'Sorry little man’" when he eventually found out, he said.

He revealed he and Bachleda did not become involved during filming but rather afterwards when some scenes were reshot. “We took a closer look at each other,” he said.