Colin Farrell is a dad to two boys in real life, and he’ll soon be adding a daughter – at least in reel life, anyway.

Farrell, as you can see from our pic, bonded with a child actor in Philly last week who will play his daughter in the upcoming film Dead Man Down.  The Dubliner will star as a father who plays a grieving mobster after losing his wife and child.  Then he goes on a mission to land the top gun, played by Terrence Howard, killing many others along the way.

The film will start shooting for 40 days at the end of April, and after that Colin will commence a full-on publicity blitz to promote the remake of Total Recall, the 1980s classic that originally starred Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Colin’s in the top slot this time around for the $200 million blockbuster, but the director Len Wiseman – married to the film’s co-star Kate Beckinsale – is confident that he pegged the right leading man.

“Colin got himself in wicked shape for this film but I didn’t want the focus to be, ‘Who’s going to be the next Arnold replacement?’” Wiseman said in an interview with Total Film last week.

“When it first surfaced, every WWE wrestler was linked to it, and that was the opposite direction of the way I wanted to go . . . it’s the most ambitious movie I’ve ever done.”

Jessica Biel and Bill Nighy are also along for the adventure, which opens on August 3.  The original, released in 1990, grossed more than $260 million, which is probably close to the half billion mark given today’s movie ticket prices.

Colin Farrell getting ready for his daddy role, bonds with his cast