Colin Farrell’s modelling days were brought back to haunt him on the Jay Leno show when the presenter revealed a long lost photo of the actor wearing a mankini. To make matters worse, Leno uncovered the photo in front of supermodel Naomi Campbell, saying, “We try to find things that our guests have in common.”

The actor was left red-faced with his head in his hands, explaining that the picture was taken when he was young and broke. “I did a commercial thing once,” Farrell said, “Seriously, God bless me. I was 17. It was 20 dollars. What are you going to do?” to which Naomi replied: “You gotta make a buck, I hear you.”

When asked for her professional judgement on Colin’s pose, the supermodel replied: “The stance is not good Colin,” to which the actor could only agree. “It’s wrong in so many ways we don’t have time to discuss it,” he replied.

The Star reports how Farrell also told Leno about other incriminating footage of him modelling a thong on an Irish TV show. He expressed dread at the thought of anyone finding it and putting it on YouTube, saying: “If someone finds it, please blackmail me, I’ll give you whatever you want.”

Video: Naomi Campbell Critiques Colin Farrell - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Colin Farrell poses in a mankini in one of his early photo shootsGoogle Images