Ireland's most handsome actor has just signed up to star in a romantic comedy, "Something Borrowed," a movie based on a book by Emily Griffin.

Joining Farrell in the movie will be Kate Hudson, John Krasinski and Ginnifer Goodwin.

The movie is about a 30-year-old attorney living in Manhattan (Goodwin) who has a fling with her best friend's (Hudson) fiance.

We still don't know who plays the fiance or what role Colin will star in but we wouldn't complain if he was the fiance.

It would be hot seeing Colin make out with Hudson and Goodwin (not together)

This will be a nice change for Colin to play something a little more upbeat.

It may give him an opportunity to relive his bad boy days - we've no doubt that Colin has had one or two women on the go when he was a young lad back in Dublin.

Looking forward to this one.