Colin Farrell admitted recently he is afraid of water and he hates taking baths.

He isn't alone.

Irish people are known for their fear of water.

Ironically Ireland is an island but I remember myself growing up nearly one third of my school mates couldn't swim and still can't.

For Colin playing the part of a fisherman in his latest movie "Ondine" was challenging to say the least.

Colin said he is "not good" when it comes to working near water.

“I won’t even take a bath,” he said.

“Actually I can swim but I’m not good in water. It depends on how close I am to shore. I’m not a good swimmer.

“I’ve got a family of good swimmers, all the kids. My brothers and two sisters are great swimmers but I could never swim.”

Will Colin insist his two kids, James, six and Henry, seven months, learn to love the water.

We hope so.

Colin admitted that fatherhood has put him on the straight and narrow.

“It does get easier with the nappies and everything,” he said earlier this year.

“It’s just a lovely little adventure to be on. I spend most of my time in Los Angeles and I just live a really low-key life.

“Privacy is kind of a virtue that I have become very fond of.”

Colin's son James is with his ex girlfriend and US model Kim Bordenave and his son, Henry is with his current girlfriend Alicja Bachleda.