Colin Farrell said he "didn't like it (Miami Vice) so much."

Neither did we Colin. It was awful.

The Dublin actor, who reprised Don Johnson's role as James "Sonny" Crocket in the 2008 movie, said "'Miami Vice'? I didn't like it so much - I thought it was style over substance and I accept a good bit of the responsibility."

Colin (above with Jamie Foxx in the movie poster) said "It was never going to be Lethal Weapon, but I think we missed an opportunity to have a friendship that also had some elements of fun."

The movie was a flop at the box office, losing about $60 million.

"Miami Vice," was Farrell's last big blockbuster movie role. He has done several smaller movies since but one can't help thinking that the Irish Don Johnson didn't appeal too much to "Vice" fans.