Irish actor Colin Farrell visited Ellen on her show this week and was over the moon- and in fits of giggles- when she presented him with a baby-grow that was emblazoned with the words: My Daddy f*#@%&$ rocks!”

Farrell, who was on the show with his current girlfriend Alicja Bachleda, to promote their new movie Ondine, had the audience in stitches when he puckered up to get ready for a smooch with Ellen.

He even popped a breath mint and took time to stretch.

After locking lips with the openly gay presenter, who is married to actress Portia de Rossi, Farrell declared: “That’s my annual Ellen snog – now I have to wait another 12 months!

“I was hoping for a bit of tongue this time, I thought the third time might be a charm!”

Farrell, during the interview, said he enjoyed being a dad to seven-month-old son Harry and is no longer a bad boy.

Farrell, 33, said he is not even sure if he really was all that bad!

You say the ‘F word’ in a few interviews and then you become a bad boy. But badness was never really involved, was it?

“Maybe some moderate misbehaviour. But yes, I’ve been clean now for six years. It’s such a weight off my shoulders.”

“I’m just present in life now, I was never present [before]…

“Now I just feel stuff. Whatever life comes with, I feel it… It’s very liberating.”