Colin Farrell didn’t want to enjoy his role in ‘Fright Night’ movie.

The cracking script made Colin Farrell love the idea of a remake of Fright Night, because in the beginning he didn't want to do it.

Farrell had fond memories of the original 1980's comedy-horror about a teenager who finds out his next-door neighbor is a vampire. So fond, in fact, he thought it shouldn't be remade.

"But I was ultimately won over by the writing and realized there was no way I couldn’t do the film," said Farrell, in an article quoted in the Wall Street journal.

"Plus, I was coming off the war drama The Way Back — soft material — and a couple of other gigs and the working conditions and people on this were great."

The film's director Craig Gillespie also claimed he fell for the tight script and eventually cast Farrell as the vampire Jerry.

Gillespie said that early on he became interested in shooting the remake in 3-D. "There haven’t been a lot of films in 3-D that are shot in a kitchen," he said. "They’re usually set in fantastical worlds, so the opportunity to shoot suburbia in 3-D really interested me…. we tried to approach the 3-D aspects of the film so that you’re not constantly reminded that you’re watching 3-D; it’s more a tool to help you feel like you’re in that world."