CNN's crime anchor Nancy Grace has made a lifetime commitment to bringing murderers to justice and now Eleventh Victim, an original movie based on her debut novel The Eleventh Hour, has been green-lighted by the Lifetime Movie Network.

According to Deadline, the new film will feature Jennie Garth, best know for her role on 90210, the thriller introduces us to Hailey Dean (Garth) a highly successful Atlanta assistant DA whose fiance is murdered.

After Dean secures the conviction of Clint Burrell Cruise for the murder of 11 prostitutes, she leaves the DA office and moves to Manhattan to begin her new career as a therapist. But when Cruise is released from prison on an appeal things start to get ugly. Soon Cruise is stalking her and killing off her patients one by one.

CNN's Grace, who is also a former prosecutor, is executive co-producing the movie. Though Grace's book is a work of fiction, Grace herself is a victim of a violent crime. Her own fiance was murdered when she was still in college, which inspired her career as a passionate prosecutor of violent crimes. Grace has also been an advocate on behalf of the victims of violent crimes, and her search for justice for the bereaved has marked her career on television.

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