George Clooney’s Italian girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis is at the center of an investigation into a prostitution ring and drug taking.

Canalis, a former showgirl, name came up in court documents in Milan this week. A French escort, Karima Menad, testified that she saw a number of models taking cocaine in the club.

She said, “I used cocaine along with other people, among whom was Elisabetta Canalis.” Menad was giving evidence as part of a case investigating a prostitution ring.

These claims date back to the year before Canalis started dating Clooney.
Frank Di Maio, the lead prosecutor in the case said that the high-class prostitutes were paid with money and drugs. Their job was to encourage the clients to drink alcohol. Loyal regulars were given free stashes of cocaine and paid for sex.

De Maio said, “We're talking about the so-called 'image girls', joining clients at private tables, inducing them to drink alcohol in order to increase the bill and offering sexual services at locations away from the club.”

He said that these nightclubs were VIP zones where the people felt that they were above the law. They were places were the clientele and staff felt “far from the gaze of public opinion” as long as the money kept flowing.

Canalis worked as a model, actress and presenter on Italian TV shows. She also had a minor role in “Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo.”

The Italian press has been speculating over the last couple of months that Clooney might soon propose to the Italian beauty. Clooney, who owns a villa on the shores of Lake Como, spends a great deal of his time in Italy.