Red Lights, the new paranormal thriller starring Cillian Murphy and Elizabeth Olsen, debuted to strong word of mouth at the Sundance Film Festival on Friday.

Murphy, who was recently seen in New York starring in Irish playwright Enda Walsh's Mister Man at St. Ann's Warehouse, told the press on Friday that although he's a star in his own right he still gets awed by acting royalty like Robert DeNiro.

'I was a quivering mess,' Murphy confessed to E! Online. referring to his scenes on screen with the acting legend. 'It's hard to have small talk with Robert De Niro but when you get down to it, he was so cool.'

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'You do pinch yourself when you finish the scene, like 'I just did a scene with Robert  De Niro!' Murphy added with a laugh.

Meanwhile Olsen, unofficially known as the queen of Sundance for her interest in strongly written independent features, came to prominence in 2011 for her performance in Martha Marcy May Marlene.

'Everything that I have lined up next year are all independent movies." She adds that this was no grand indie strategy, but that, "they've just so far happened to be the characters that I've just liked the most.

Here's the trailer: