Nobody ever gets airs and graces in Ireland, no matter how big they get, says megastar Cillian Murphy – instead they just get made fun of.

“Whether it’s Brendan Gleeson or Colin Farrell, you just feel like another actor working,” he told the press this week. “Everyone takes the piss out of each other and everyone slags everyone off.”

The 33-year-old actor was speaking to the media at the Toronto Film Festival, where the north American premiere of his latest film “Perrier’s Bounty” is being screened - the new gangster flick by Irish playwright Mark O’Rowe that also features “Harry Potter” alumni Brendan Gleeson and Oscar winner Jim Broadbent.

Although the A-List Irish acting talent is luring interested audiences to the screening, the film has yet to secure a distribution deal in the U.S.

“It’s being distributed in Ireland and England, but we’re looking to sell it in North America,” said Murphy. “I don’t really understand the distribution side of things and kind of intentionally feel disconnected from that world, but I know I feel proud of our picture. All I can do is my very best work and hope sincerely that audiences find something to connect with.”

“Perrier’s Bounty” stars Jim Broadbent as Murphy’s delusional father alongside Gleeson as a sociopath with heart of heart of gold.

Meanwhile, Murphy has a series of exciting new projects on the horizon including another collaboration with “Dark Knight” director Christopher Nolan in a film called “Inception” that also features Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page and Michael Caine.