Irish actor Cillian Murphy is set to hit the big screens later this year in a one role that has him playing two people; John, a quiet bank clerk and Emma, who takes care of him.

Murphy, who reveals his multiple personalities early in the movies, stars in Michael Lander's psychological thriller, "Peacock," set in the town of Peacock, Nebraska.

The movie is said to be reminiscent of the 60s classic "Psycho" by Alfred Hitchcock.

After a train crashes into John Skillpa's (Murphy) back yard, he can no longer hide his other personality, Emma.

In an effort to keep the townsfolk from talking, Skillpa needs to convince everyone that John and Emma are husband and wife.
And while accomplishing that, other strange things begin to happen, like murder!

Murphy, dressed as Emma, as can be seen above with Susan Sarandon. Others joining the pair in the movie are Ellen Page, Bill Pulman and Josh Lucas.