Irish actor Ciaran Hinds reunites with his “Harry Potter” co-star Daniel Radcliffe for next year’s eerie film, “The Woman in Black.”

After fighting against the Dark Lord Voldemort together in the last installment of the “Potter” franchise, the pair teams up to defeat an even more obscure, more frightening being.
 A teaser for the film was released sans Hinds, who played Aberforth Dumbledore, Albus Dumblodore’s brother in the Harry Potter films.

The film is Radcliffe’s first project upon the completion of the JK Rowling story-based films. The movie centers on a lawyer named Arthur Kipps, played by Radcliffe, who is sent to deal with the legal matters of a mysterious woman who has recently passed away.

 While handling her affairs, the man begins to experience unexplainably frightening events and a potential haunting in the home of the late owner. The trailer features the cliché voice over of a little girl as well as the use of music that has the potential to send chills down any spine.
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Fans are anxious to see if Radcliffe can wean himself from his world-renowned Harry Potter role, despite his already successful run on Broadway with “How to Succeed in Business.”

He is not the only one movie fanatics are thrilled about seeing take on this mysterious spirit in the upcoming film though, as fans on the website IMDB are voicing their excitement to see the Belfast born actor take on the role of Mr. Daily in the film saying:

“Ludwigsgirl: This looks good, I love Ciaran Hinds so that's a plus.”
“Cdunbar: Agreed, Ciaran Hinds distinguishes any film he appears in!”

A 44 second trailer was released, followed by a longer more in detail teaser trailer that shows a bit more of the thrilling ghost activity that Kipps has to endure during his stay in the haunted house.

The film is based on a book by Susan Hill released in 1983, and it’s big screen adaptation featuring the talented Ciaran Hinds and Daniel Radcliffe is scheduled to hit cinemas on
February of next year.