“Inception” has taken the box office by storm earning $60.40 million in North America on its opening weekend.

Written and directed by Christopher Nolan the movie which he calls “an existential heist movie” was released in 3,792 across North American on July 16.

The movie is certainly Leonardo DiCaprio’s biggest opening weekend. “Shutter Island” only managed to rake in $41.1 million. Unfortunately “Inception” didn’t manage to beat Nolan’s own personal best with “The Dark Knight” taking in an incredible $158.4 million on its first weekend.

However the film is already set to be a great success for Nolan. It is already being described as the most illusive of beasts “the blockbuster arthouse film”.

“Inception” became its journey eight years ago when he pitched it to Warner Bros. They gave it the go head and Nolan thought it would only take a couple of months to pull together.

During the eight years he kept the plot of the movie absolutely secret. He crypticall described it as a contemporary sci-fi action thriller "set within the architecture of the mind."

Other movies that did well this weekend were Universal Pictures' “Despicable Me” which took in $32.73 million. Walt Disney’s “The Sorcerer's Apprentice” came in as third spot with $17.37 million.