The release date for Christopher Nolan’s, ‘Dark Knight Rises’ is another five weeks away, but already tickets are on sale in cinemas around Ireland for the set-to-be blockbuster.

Cinemas such as Cineworld, IMC Tallaght, Movies@Dundrum and the Odeon chain have already put the new Batman movies tickets on sale.

The anticipation of fans is already showing that the movie will guarantee a rise in cinema admissions in Ireland this year.

Advertising buyers Core Media forecast in January that admissions would rise from last year’s 16.3 million to 16.9 million this year. This prediction has been close to accurate already, thanks to the success of Joss Whedon’s Marvel Avengers Assemble (current box office leader for 2012, earning €3.6 million) and better than expected success of The Hunger Games (with takings of almost €2.3 million). Both movies contributed massively to a 27 per cent rise in April admissions year-on-year, according to Carlton Screen Advertising.

The Dark Knight Rises which stars Irish actor Liam Neeson along with Irish-American actress Anne Hathaway as Catwoman is hoping to live up its high-earnings expectations. If all else fails and takings are not up to par, there are still big movies like, The Hobbit and the return of Daniel Craig’s Bond in Skyfall, which are set to make a lot of money.

Here is the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises:

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