It’s just a few more days to Christmas and many parents, while they’ve nabbed the big gifts, are looking for those little stocking stuffers and extras for their kids. I know I am!

With Irish dancing children, it is actually pretty easy to find fun things to toss in the Christmas stockings. Here is a list of a few that are on this momma's list.

Duct tape:

Okay, for anyone who has Irish dance kiddos, duct tape is a must. In practice, competition, and performances, a small strip on the sole of the shoe can help with traction and prevent slips in hard shoes.

It used to be that duct tape only came in boring gray, but now, there is everything from the Irish dance standard of black to hot pick. There is also a line of patterned duct tape with animal prints, sculls, flowers, and our new family favorite, flames. "Feet O'Flames!!" Get it? Funny stuff! While the patterns are not that practical for a feis or performance, they're always good for a laugh when worn at a practice or class.

A new water bottle:

I feel like we go through these like the water that gets drunk out of them. Where do they go? Or better yet, why can I never find the lids that go with the right bottles!?

There are some really fun BPA Free water bottles, Nalgene bottles, etc. I've even seen some glass bottles that are then enclosed in gummy plastic or rubber that look pretty unique, but I don't think glass and hard shoes in the same bag is my idea of a good match.

A new water bottle is a great thing to fill up a stocking, and there are so many to choose from now that you can find one that matches your dancer's style.

Irish dance practice CD:

A new Irish dance practice CD is always a great addition to a Christmas stocking.

It might be a tad late to order one at this point, but sometimes, if there's a local source or store, you can get lucky. Our favorite from a couple of years ago was Niall O'Leary's "Can You Irish Dance to This?" Great music and really fun to, not only dance to, but to listen to as well. He even has some "diddling" songs. I don't know that I can explain "diddling". Something you'd have to hear to understand. I will say that there is no instrument other than Niall's voice.

An Irish-related tshirt:

While a tad big for a Christmas stocking, sometimes a good Irish-related T-shirt can be rolled up and sticking out at the top. My son LOVES getting new T-shirts that are Irish in nature. His latest request was for a new Gaelic Storm T-shirt. He has 2, but evidently, a friendly skirmish with his older sister damaged his favorite one. I have asked to not know more details of the skirmish. There were no bruises or blood that I'm aware of, but the shirt was a casualty, so a replacement is in order. .

For those unaware, Gaelic Storm is a band. I get no commission for advertising for them. However, here's a link to their page where you can listen to some of their music and browse the T-shirts. We're big fans, and my son got to dance on stage at one of their concerts. Made his day in a big way! They have CDs too, so I guess you can add that to the list of potential stocking stuffers.

Miscellaneous others:

I can think of other things…like for my Irish dancing girlies, some crystal hair pins are always big hits. It seems one can never have too many. Or, for my constantly hungry Irish dancing son, snacks for his Irish dance bag.


One of the biggest hits I've come across for Christmas stocking stuffers is Irish candies. We have opportunities to get them at any time during the year. I always find them at feisanna at the vendor tables. However, we hold out and throw a few in as a special Irish Christmas treat. Their favorites are: Crunchie and Flake bars and Aero Milk Chocolate Bars. I can usually find them at any Celtic shop or UK import shop locally.

Have fun taking care of your Irish dancers with these unique Irish dance related Christmas stocking stuffers.

I hope you can use what I've found that works for us.

Merry Christmas to all of you!!

'Nollaig Shona Duit'

 *Originally published in 2011.