Christina Aguilera has revealed that she plans to show her risque pop video for the 2002 hit single “Dirrty” to her son.

The Irish and Latin American singer, who has 21-month-old Max Liron with her husband  Jordan Bratman, said she is looking forward to showing Max all of  her videos, including “Dirrty” which features her prancing around a wrestling ring in leather hotpants.

She said: “He’ll see all of my work, I’m sure. But I think that’s also a part of what I want him to appreciate in women - the fact that sexuality is not something you should be ashamed of.

“The more you try to forbid something and keep it secret, the more it becomes this thing you should be fearful of.”

Aguilera, 28, who was raised by her Irish-American mother and Clare-born grandmother, also said she is shaping Max up to be a rocker when he  grows up, by playing him classic bands such as the Rolling Stones.

“I play him Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones,” she said. “And if Max  wanted to have a music career for the same reasons as me, then I would  say ‘Go for it’.

“I am really into encouraging him as an individual –  whether he wants to be a vet, a scientist or a garbage man. As long as he has a passion for it.”