Does the man take a break? The same day that The Hollywood Reporter delivered news that Chris O’Dowd was named as the lead in the new HBO comedy ‘Family Tree,’ RTE is reporting that O’Dowd is writing a new film.

RTE reports that Chris O’Dowd, that found great American fame after appearing in 2011’s comedy ‘Bridesmaids,’ is in the process of writing a film and is using Ireland’s economic hardships for profit.

O’Dowd said, speaking to Screen Daily: “Because that economic problem was such a well-known case I think it will have international appeal.”

"It's about a countryside chancer who buys properties and makes his way up through the market and ends up in government before corrupting it. It would take place over a 15-year period."

O’Dowd keeps himself busy with Irish television show ‘Moone Boy,’ the upcoming release of Australian remake ‘The Sapphires,’ as well as the HBO ‘Family Tree’ coming up.

Chris O'Dowd photographed in Dublin's city centerGoogle Images