Although the newly released film “Bridesmaids” has been noted prominently in the press for its cast featuring many of the “Saturday Night Live” players, Irish actor Chris O'Dowd will surely become a familiar face after his breakout role in the first big comedy of the summer.

The Roscommon native, who has had roles in cult hits "The IT Crowd" on IFC and "Dinner for Schmucks," is okay with staying under the radar for the time being. O'Dowd tells "I have no problem at all with people not knowing who I am. I think it's more fun and exciting for people to discover me."

O'Dowd plays a cop and love interest of lead actress Kristen Wiig in the new film, directed by Judd Apatow of "Knocked Up" and "Superbad" fame. Ever the charmer, O'Dowd joked that his first meeting with Apatow was memorable for having "a lot of cocaine," before seriously revealing that "there was no point where they actually said, 'you're doing the film.' It was weird, but I was too excited to care."

After studying at the prestigious London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, O'Dowd honed his craft even further with parts in numerous English dramas. However, he soon realized his penchant for making comedies where he admits to feeling more challenged: "I don't know if it's harder, but I think comedy needs more work. You're much more conscious of when you're failing at it, thanks to the incredible lack of laughter."

Even though the film has just been released, O'Dowd is already lined up for another comedic film, "Friends With Kids." Despite his career taking off in the comedic direction, O'Dowd admits that his ultimate goal is to snag a role in a musical. He stated "If I could find a musical that was believable...I would be up for it. A film like 'Once...' If you could make that happen for me that would be great."

Although O'Dowd may currently prefer to live a quiet life in obscurity, he is set to see his career galvanized by his star-making performance in the film, which is currently in theaters.

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