The Savoy Cinema rolled out the blue carpet for the Dublin premiere of O’Dowd’s new film, “The Sapphires” Tuesday night, according to the Irish Times.

The actor said the film is “similar to The Commitments in that there is singing in it,” but “there is much darker stuff going on.” O’Dowd received the script for the film a week after the comedy ‘Bridesmaids’ came out. The Irish actor said about the script, “I love the music and I thought it was genuinely funny, which fewer scripts than you would imagine are.” O’Dowd said he was afraid of falling into a trap of “slightly better pay cheques for slightly worse movies.”

Co-stars Jessica Mauboy, Deborah Mailman, Shari Sebbens, and Miranda Tapsell also attended the Dublin premiere.

Newlywed Dawn Porter was there to support her husband. O’Dowd married the 33 year old TV broadcaster in August during a three day festival they have dubbed ‘wedfest.’

The film tells the story of four Aboriginal singers who are grouped together by a talent scout looking for an Australian group to match the Supremes. “The Sapphires” is set in 1968 during the Vietnam War. O’Dowd plays Dave Lovelace, the group’s manager. The film was written by Tony Briggs, who is a former Neighbors star and whose mother, Laurel Robinson, was a real member of the Sapphires four decades ago. The other members included Robinson’s sister and cousins, Lois Peeler, Beverly Briggs, and Naomi Mayers.

The actor has been keeping busy and recently finished filming the second series of the show Moone Boy on Friday. He said about the show, “I’m really proud of that show . . . the fact that there has been a great reaction to it is very heartwarming.”

‘The Sapphires’ is released on November 2 and series one of Moone Boy goes on sale on DVD next week.

Watch the trailer for ‘The Sapphires’ below:

Still of Chris O'Dowd from "The Sapphires"Google Images