Brendan Gleeson was the star of the surprise hit 'The Guard' by the writer and director John Michael McDonagh (brother of the writer and director Martin McDonough).

The film became the most successful box office hit in Irish history and now McDonagh has signed up-and-comer Chris O'Dowd ('Bridesmaids') Aidan Gillen ('Game of Thrones') and David Wilmot ('The Guard') to join Gleeson in his latest project 'Calvary,' according to the Irish Film and Television Network.

The new film is described as a black comedy that will tackle what happens when a priest finds himself at odds with his community and is scheduled to shoot on location in Ireland in September.

With a $7 million budget, 'Calvary' is an in-house project of McDonagh’s Reprisal Films which he runs with 'The Guard' producers Chris Clark, Flora Fernandez-Marengo and Elizabeth Eves.

'The Guard' won four Irish Film & Television Awards at the recent awards in Dublin, including Best Film, with McDonagh also named the Irish Film Board Rising Star.

He will be charming. Chris O'Dowd as an Irish cop in 'Bridesmaids,' need we say more?Google Images