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China’s film importer has announced that it will import Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi movie, “Inception”.

The movie has already become an international success but this news opens up a massive foreign market to the movie which is being called a blockbuster art house sci-fi.

China Film Group will give “Inception” one of 20 annual slots for revenue-sharing imports. The state limits the import of foreign movies to 20 per year.

Yuan Wengiang, an executive from the state owned company said that the movie has already been cleared by Chinese censors.

So far “Inception” has made $193 million in the U.S. and $171.5 million overseas. Though the box office numbers in China are not as high as the U.S. the huge success of James Cameron’s movie, “Avatar”, in the Chinese box office shows that there’s a growing market in the country. “Avatar” made $204 million China but nearly $750 in the U.S.

“Inception” was released in the southern Chinese territory Hong Kong on Thursday. By Monday it had earned $2 million.

Christopher Nolan’s last blockbuster, “Batman: the Dark Knight” did not make it to China. Authorities cited “cultural sensitivities” as the reason. Perhaps it was Batman swooping in and kidnapping a Chinese criminal in Hong Kong that they thought might offend.

Read more - Hollywood golden boy Cillian Murphy talks about 'Inception'