Harrison Ford has been told to "stick to acting". The 'Indiana Jones' actor - who earlier this week branded a move made seven years ago by Mayor Daley of Chicago to bulldoze an airport "unthinkable" - has been hit back at by the mayor who said he should stop flaunting his wealth.

He said: "He's a multi-millionaire. He can fly anyplace he wants in the country. This guy's a multi-millionaire and you're listening to him... he doesn't live in Chicago. I don't want to call him elitist, but it is. He has a jet. He has all these planes and all these toys. And he doesn't understand this economy is tough with people and that lakefront belongs to us."

The pair have previously clashed during a discussion over the actor's passion for preserving 100 acres in Costa Rica, in which the mayor criticized the actor's lavish estate in Montana.

He told the Chicago Sun Times newspaper: "I said, 'Harrison, you're a multi-millionaire. You have a huge estate. You have land all over the world. This is 100 acres for the people of Chicago that can be used for nature. You're an environmentalist.'

"I think he got mad at me. I said, 'I appreciate you're a great actor, but you should have some feeling because you're so wealthy... I want to help people in Costa Rica. But in Chicago, that 100 acres, that lakefront belongs - not to you. It belongs to the people of Chicago.' That's what he didn't understand."