Ryan Tubridy, host of the ultra-popular Irish chat show the “Late Late Show,” sure knows how to pull the guests. 

Last Friday night, in addition to Russell Brand, caustic chef Gordon Ramsay was on as a guest, and as usual, he let the insults fly.

After Tubridy asked Ramsay about his rumored injection of Botox and other surgical enhancements to smooth the lines on his face, the chef insulted the host by comparing his ears to Dumbo the elephant.

"Talking about plastic surgery, have you seen your ears lately?" Ramsay demanded. "Look at those things, you must take off coming down the stairs. I'm surprised you can get through the door."

But then he quickly added, “I’m joking.”

Yes, Tubridy’s ears are, well, rather prominent, but as he told Ramsay, it’s genetic. "I can't help it, I was born with it,” he said.

Then Ramsay invited Tubridy to his restaurant at the Ritz Carlton in County Wicklow because, the chef said, Tubridy is clearly in need of nourishment.

"I would like you to come out and eat a good meal. You look like you haven't eaten in years. You're too thin. You're like a little windy piece of asparagus," Ramsay said.

Man, with guests like these! But Tubridy took all the insults and shrugged them off. 

"Ryan took it all in jest, as I've no doubt it was intended," a spokesperson for the star said. "He was very happy with how the show went.”