Looks like Charlize Theron has wasted no time getting over old flame Irish actor Stuart Townsend.

The South African hottie has been spotted with 'Hurt Locker' star Jeremy Renner and they are expected to attend the post Oscar party hosted by Vanity Fair together says the Daily Mail.

"They get along very well and we suspect something is going on between them, although they are being very coy,’ says a source close to Charlize.

Renner's movie about an US bomb squad in Iraq is up for an Oscar while Theron will be one of the presenters.
Meanwhile Stuart is licking his wounds with a recent trip to Dubin to see his family there.

The source added: ‘They’re keeping things below the radar as Charlize doesn’t want to upset Stuart.

'But the fact is she is dating again and Jeremy has been spending a fair amount of time with her.

'They get on well but Charlize is lined up to do Mad Max 4 soon in Australia, so she doesn’t want a serious relationship.’