Brooke Mueller's mother isn't keen for her daughter to reconcile with Charlie Sheen. Moira Fiore admits Brooke - mother of the 'Two and a Half Men' actor's nine-month-old twin sons, Bob and Max - wants to get back with Charlie despite him allegedly assaulting her Christmas Day, but isn't sure it's a good idea.

She told E! online: "She hasn't spoken with him. But she wants to reconcile with him. "I have mixed emotions about it. But she won't listen to any advice I give her."

When asked if she felt comfortable about the twins being in the same house as Charlie, she replied: "I'd rather not comment about that." It was recently reported Charlie's family had been investigated by social services.

Pitkin County Social Services officials reportedly visited Brooke last week following her allegations that the actor assaulted her and after finding Bob and Max to be "just fine" agreed she can continue caring for the tots.

A source said: "The people from the social services agency talked to Brooke, her mom, her step-dad and her nanny, and told them that everything looks good and Brooke appears to be an excellent mother. "Brooke and the twins, Max and Bob, are planning to stay in their rented Aspen house for at least another month. After that they may go to Palm Beach to visit family for a while."