After a whirlwind year for Charlie Sheen, the actor has had a stroke of good luck after his FX show ‘Anger Management’ has been ordered for 90 episodes after receiving good ratings.

RTE reports that the show’s “10-episode season that debuted in June is averaging 3.4 million viewers, with 1.7 million hitting the advertising sweet spot of 18 to 49 year olds, according to the Nielsen ratings service.”

In the show, based upon the 2004 film of the same name starring Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson, Sheen plays an anger management therapist who has his own anger issues to grapple with.

The plan for the future of the show at the moment is to film the next 44 episodes in succession starting on September 24, and then follow up with 46 more episodes which will wrap by October 2014.

Charlie Sheen’s manager Mark Burg has a bit of a “I told you so!” reaction to the show’s success. He said to the New York Daily News: “To all those network execs who passed on hearing our pitch, (I say), 'You should have heard it. You should have bought it.”

"Lionsgate TV and (executive producer) Bruce Helford have done a great job of including Charlie in the production process, something Warner Bros. TV and Chuck Lorre never did.”

"Charlie is thrilled to be working with the writers, crew and actors on this show. This is very much the show he wanted to do. Hopefully, the audience will stay with us."

Burg also went on to confirm that Sheen’s father Martin Sheen will come back for his recurring role as Charlie’s father on the show.

"Charlie's excited. He had a great time working with Martin, and vice versa. Who wouldn't want to work with their kid?"

Here's the trailer for the first series:

"Anger Management" star Charlie SheenGoogle Images