Very bad news for CBS and the Sheen family. The rumor mill is churning that Charlie Sheen has fallen off the wagon after years of sobriety and that his wife is in rehab to battle a crack addiction problem.

The “Two and a Half Men” star has resumed drinking after years of sobriety and people close to him want him to get help. Now Radar online is reporting his father, Irish American icon Martin Sheen, is said to be deeply concerned about his son's condition.

They are also reporting that wife Brooke Mueller is in rehab and that she has both a bad crack and alcohol problem.

“Brooke has been in denial about her problem for a long time,” one source close to her told Radar

“Her mother has been attempting to convince her to go into rehab for a while now.”

In addition, Charlie Sheen may be unavailable to shoot any new episodes of “Two and a half Men” because of the court case involving the alleged assault of his wife.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that when the case goes to court this fall, Sheen will be tied up and unavailable for new episodes. That is bad news indeed for CBS, which ranks “Two and Half Men” as among its most profitable shows.

Irish American star Sheen was arrested Christmas morning on charges of threatening his wife with a knife. His wife tried to have the charges dropped but by then it was too late and the court proceedings will now take place.