Does anything go right for poor old Charlie Sheen.

It's been a roller-coaster year for the "Two and a Half Men" star and now he is in negotiations with his soon to be ex wife Brooke Mueller on a divorce.

According to reports circulating this week Brooke will get $55,000 a month off Charlie in child support.

Brooke will also get primary custody of their twin sons.

Sheen's rep tells that the papers are "no more, no less" than an agreement they signed "if they ever decide to divorce." They're not splitting, they're just being proactive."

Um sounds a bit fishy to me.

No good trying to keep it under wraps now guys.

Charlie's cheating has obviously woken Brooke up to the man she married.

Not so nice eh!

Denise got out when she could. (Sheen has two daughters with Denise Richards)

Like Denise Brooke would be entitled to a hell of a lot of money from Charlie but the amount it not clear at this time.

In the apparent settlement it's agreed that Brooke is not allowed talk about Sheen's alleged drug use or affairs and Charlie not allowed to speak about his wife's drug abuse either.

Charlie allegedly assaulted Brooke on Christmas Day and could face jail time for it.