Charlie Sheen has been allowed to visit his wife while she is in hospital with pneumonia. The 'Two and a Half Men' actor's restraining order - which was put in place following his alleged assault on Brooke Mueller on Christmas Day - was altered by Pitkin County District Judge James Boyd to allow him to visit his spouse while she is being treated at Los Angeles' Sherman Oaks Hospital.

Brooke's lawyer Yale Galanter - who confirmed the emergency ruling had been passed - said: "The judge did sign an order allowing Charlie and Brooke to have contact. The order will read as long as Brooke is in the hospital, Charlie can see her."

The changes were made after his wife - who he has 10-month-old twin sons Bob and Max with - fell seriously ill Wednesday. Her mother Moira Fiore explained to E! News: "Brooke had to have emergency surgery to have her wisdom tooth extracted. It became infected. The infection spread and now she has pneumonia in both lungs."

Brooke, 32, was admitted to the medical center after suffering from a fever of 105 degrees. Her attorney said: "Brooke is still in the hospital. She's doing OK but she's not doing great. We thought there was a possibility she was going to be released today, but she's not because she has developed pneumonia in her lungs."

Following the incident, Brooke had a restraining order placed against her 44-year-old husband. The pair were due to appear in court Wednesday to review the terms of the order, but this has been moved back to early next month, after a planned new hearing for Friday had to be scrapped due to Brooke's illness.

Galanter added: "When her medical condition changed, it was my opinion there was no way she could be in Aspen for a Friday hearing, and the judge is not allowing her to appear by phone. So, we filed a motion requesting the hearing date be pushed to February 8."