Mike Tyson took his one-man stage show on the road last week and landed at Thomond Park in Co. Limerick, where 700 people ponied up various amounts of money to hear him talk about his wild life and times.

The more you spent, the more access you had – basic tickets were about $45, but for $130 fans could meet Tyson and have a photo with him. From all accounts we read, Iron Mike was a stand-up guy during his 24 hours on Irish soil.

He gave an interview to the Limerick Leader newspaper, and surprise, surprise, he said he liked the place.

“Limerick is really cool.  I like Limerick,” he said.

“Everybody has been talking about Thomond Park and the rugby scene and it [the stadium] looks pretty impressive.”

Irish people, according to Mike, are also pretty cool.

“Irish people are good people and fight people, and it is going to be pretty exciting tonight,” he said.

“I feel wonderful being here, I feel a good energy from the crowd, from Irish people and I am just happy and I want to convey gratitude to them.”

Tyson rested his tattooed head in the plush surroundings of Dromoland Castle in nearby Co. Clare. After landing at Shannon he was met by an airport official there who commented, “He was really, really nice. He’s very soft spoken and subdued but really respectful. He just kept saying thanks for everything. He clearly still turns a lot of heads as everyone who saw him was doing a double take.”

Tyson had words of advice for newly-minted Irish gold medalist Katie Taylor – take the money and go pro.

“Yeah, why not? What is the purpose of winning the gold medal, just to have it and show it off? Win a belt next.”

Mike Tyson at Thormond Park