Ahead of their Ancient Land tour, the talented ladies of Celtic Woman chatted with IrishCentral about their work ahead, their love of their US fans, their favorite songs, and St. Patrick’s Day in America.

For tour dates, tickets, and more info, visit the Celtic Woman site here.

Hi Éabha, Mairéad, Megan, and Tara! Thanks so much for taking our questions.

What's your outlook as you embark on the Ancient Land tour?

TARA: We are incredibly proud of the new music and arrangements in Ancient Land and just want to share something that’s so special to us to the people around the world who are also so special to us.

MAIREAD: To enjoy every single moment. We are so lucky that we get to do this, especially together.

MEGAN: I had the most incredible time working on the Ancient Land album and we are all so proud of it. I’m so excited to get to share something that we all put our hearts and souls into with everyone.

EABHA: I’m really looking forward to the Ancient Land tour. Since the day that I listened to the album for the first time, I had a burning feeling that it was very special. It’s a beautiful and uplifting collection of songs, some old and some new,  that tell the stories of our history. It was an unforgettable experience recording this album and DVD, so emotional, so real and I cannot wait to see what if feels like to perform it on tour this spring.

Eabha. Photo: Celtic Woman

Eabha. Photo: Celtic Woman

You have a huge fan base here in the US, how is it to be back?

MEGAN: I just finished my first ever tour with Celtic Woman in the States just before Christmas and it was such an amazing experience. Everyone was so welcoming and it was easy to feel right at home. I’m very excited to be back and to get to meet more people and see more of the USA.

TARA: We love touring in the states because it is the American audiences who are the beating heart of Celtic Woman.  They gave us life at the beginning and now we want to keep giving our music back to them.

MAIREAD: We absolutely love the US- they have always been so good to us. From day one they have opened up their arms and accepted us so it always feels like coming home when we arrive back in the States.

EABHA: Every time we return to the US, it feels like coming home. We have the most incredible supporters who are such an integral part of Celtic Woman. We feel a massive connection wherever we go in the States and we are intrinsically connected with so many of our fans through our history and our ancestors.  Whether we are performing in the desert in Arizona, or by the sea in Florida, there always seems to be an element of Irish heritage and love for Irish music. And for this reason, it feels so good to be back.

Mairead. Photo: Celtic Woman

Mairead. Photo: Celtic Woman

Which songs from the tour are the most meaningful for each of you to perform and why?  

MAIREAD: For me, I would say Ae Fond Kiss by Robert Burns. I have always been drawn to folk music and his songs and poems have always resonated very deeply with me. The meaning of this song is so poignant- it’s about two strangers who fell in love in an instant yet never saw each other again even though the tried. Circumstance just got in the way. It’s Incredibly sad but shows us all that true love exists.

MEGAN: I love to perform Shenandoah. I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it. It is also a favorite of my Grandad and I think of him every time I sing it so it will always hold a special place in my heart.

TARA: I adore ‘Love and Honour’ as it does what true Irish melodies do: tells a story without words.  It’s such a haunting melody that I imagine is a troubled soul trying to decide between their head and their heart.  It’s a moment in the show where I get to play, be one with the violin and give everything I’ve got.

EABHA: I love ’Mourlough Shore’ from the ‘Ancient Land’ album. It’s an old Irish folk song that tells the story of a woman that will wait for her love on the banks of the shore until her true love returns. I sang this song to my Grandmother and she was very moved. She told me a story of her first love, Charlie O’ Neill, who emigrated on a boat to the United States, in search of employment, when she was in her 20’s. They were madly in love. They exchanged letters for a couple of years, but eventually his letters ceased. She waited for him to return, but he never did. She still speaks of him fondly and hopes that he had a happy life like she did. Maybe if I sing this song and tell this story in the US, we will find out where he ended up!!

Megan. Photo: Celtic Woman

Megan. Photo: Celtic Woman

One of your concert dates is on St. Patrick's Day, in Baltimore! What's it like to play a concert on this most special and Irish of days?

MAIREAD: It’s the best day of the year! Everyone is in such good spirits and how cool is it that people all over the globe celebrate our wee Island on that day?

MEGAN: There’s always such an amazing atmosphere on this day and it’s incredible to see how many people celebrate our homeland. What better way to celebrate than to sing some Irish songs to our incredible audiences.

EABHA: I will never forget the first time that I spent St. Patrick’s Day in the US. It was incredible. We don’t celebrate it like that at home. But I love that an entire day is dedicated to Ireland, and all that it embodies and represents. I am so happy that we will be in Baltimore this year. The buzz in the theatre on St. Patrick’s Day is always electric and a night to remember.

TARA: What better way is there to celebrate being Irish than by performing our favorite songs and melodies from our homeland!  There’s such an amazing buzz in the air on St. Patrick’s day so I can’t wait for that show!

Tara. Photo: Celtic Woman

Tara. Photo: Celtic Woman

What else does 2019 have in store for Celtic Woman and for each of you?

EABHA: We are looking forward to performing our ‘Ancient Land’ show all across the United States in 2019. I look forward to seeing what 2019 has in store for Celtic Woman. I have a feeling it will be a very special year.

MEGAN: 2019 is looking amazing! I can’t wait to see more of the USA and the world and get to share Ancient Land with everyone. Also, we’re performing in Red Rocks Colorado on the 26th of May which will be an absolute dream come true.

TARA: We can’t wait to bring our music to other parts of the world and we’re just locking in some dates so stay tuned!  Other than touring, hopefully discovering new music, recording and spending time with our loved ones back in Ireland.

MAIREAD: We are back at Red Rocks Colorado at the end of May which is my favorite venue in the world- I’m sure there are spirits there.. it’s got that feeling when you sing that  there is something greater going on. We also are planning to return to other parts of the world again. We are just putting it all together right now so all will be revealed very soon!

We can't wait! Thanks again. 

For tour dates, tickets, and more info, visit the Celtic Woman site here.