The Rumjacks, a Celtic punk rock / folk band from Australia, are set to release their next album, Hestia, on March 12, marking a new era for the band.

Hestia, the fifth album from The Rumjacks which is now available to preorder, introduces new lead singer Mike Rivkees, whose songwriting skills have rejuvenated the band's collaborative spirit.

Together, Rivkees (vocals), Johnny McKelvey (bass), Gabe Whitbourne (guitar), Adam Kenny (bouzouki/mandolin), and Pietro Della Sala (drums) combine their diverse American, Australian, Italian, and Irish perspectives to create a fresh, globalized iteration of the Celtic punk legacy dating back to the Pogues. 

The new album, which was recorded under strict conditions in Milan, Italy throughout 2020, takes the energy of traditional folk music, lights it on fire, then sprinkles it with ash. Dark, gritty, and historically aware, this is music grounded in the character of the Rebel. 

The lads give a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Hestia, which is now available for pre-order, here:

Hestia, the title track and second single from the forthcoming album, is a song of vengeance delivered with the force of a hurricane.

In short, it’s a folktale about a girl who shoots down a personified wolf in an act of defense.

Draped in several levels of symbolism and metaphor, Hestia (named after the goddess of the home and the hearth), is a firecracker of a song, and an absolute earworm.

Into the mouth of the wolf,

you’re never gonna take me down

there’s still a beating heart beneath the ground.

About The Rumjacks

Anyone who likes good Irish riffs mixed with rock'n'roll and a bit of folk is sure to enjoy The Rumjacks.

For twelve years, The Rumjacks have written songs that you cannot help but start singing by the second chorus, even if you have never heard them before.

Prior to Hestia, The Rumjacks released four acclaimed studio albums: Gangs of New Holland (2010), Sober & Godless (2015), Sleepin' Rough (2016), and Saints Preserve Us (2018).

They've also released two live albums - Live in London – Acoustic Sessions (2019), and Live in Athens (2019) - that capture their most renowned asset: their electric energy on stage. 

You can pre-order Hestia, the new album from The Rumjacks, online here.

You can learn more about The Rumjacks on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. You can also follow them on Spotify and Apple Music.