Grammy Award winning artist Carrie Underwood, lit up the stage at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards in an illuminated custom THEIA ball gown, created by Kerry born designer Don O’Neill.

“When I received the call from Carrie’s stylist, Trish Townsend asking me to make the dress, I felt a rush of excitement and immediately said I’d be thrilled and honored to design a gown for her,” O’Neill said.

Over the course of the next 6 days, fabric options were sourced from France and shipped to Carrie’s team for approval as well as to the video production company to ensure compatibility with the projection technology.

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Upon receiving the green light from both parties the team had three days left to create the gown. Beading and stitching was frantically started and in record time, the dress was completed and shipped out for the fitting with Ms. Underwood. It took a team of four over 80 hours to make the dress.

Details of the dress included a an asymmetrical neckline inspired by the Freedom Tower in New York and thousands of hand embroidered Swarovski  crystals

During her performance of  "Blown Away," which won Best Country Song and Best Solo Country Performance at Sunday's show, images were projected on the skirt as the singer stood in various places on the stage, for a spectacular scene.

"On my last tour, we did an LED dress and that's where the idea sparked," Carrie reporters backstage at the awards.

"We wanted it to be artful and dramatic. There's so many big performances at the Grammys and I just like to stand still and sing sometimes! This seemed to be the best way to do that but be visually attention-capturing."

Watch Carrie Underwood’s performance below:

Grammy Award winning artist Carrie Underwood in an illuminated custom THEIA ball gown, created by Kerry born designer Don O’Neill.AP