Caroline Kennedy is not known for her Irish pride as much as other members of her family, but she has some fans in Ireland nevertheless.

New York Daily News columnist Michael Daly recounted in a column this week how be brought Caroline and husband Ed Schlossberg back to West Cork to visit his father there a few years ago.

Chuck Daly, Michael's father, was a former president of the American Ireland Fund who had retired to the West Cork area. He had served in the JFK administration and had run the Kennedy Library. He was very well liked by the Kennedys.

Apparently Caroline charmed the pants off the locals, who found her very down to earth and engaging. She has a way of dispelling any sense that she is special just by birthright.

She went with Daly into Levis bar in the town of Ballydehob, owned by two sisters now in their eighties, who have long been known as local characters.

As Daly tells it, both women never "tolerated self-importance." Julia Levis knew who the visitor was but asked her, "Well, Girleen, how are you?"

She then eyed up Schlossberg and remarked, "It's a fine big man you got with you."

Caroline laughed and put the two old ladies immediately at ease. After she left the locals all agreed she wasn't in the least stuck up or pretentious.

New York voters may well make the same determination.