Chris Evans, the star of the upcoming “Captain America” has spoke about his pride in his Irish heritage.

Speaking to Evening Herald, the 30-year-old described himself as “as a good Catholic Irish boy”.

"Born and raised. I think a lot of my attitude comes from there. And it's all good, you know.
There's an honesty to the Irish that tends to take people by surprise, but, given that it's the best policy, it tends to cut through a lot of the crap.

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"And that's important in Hollywood. So, I'm very thankful to that Irish blood pulsing through my veins . . ."

On his upcoming role in “Captain America: the first Avenger “ he said he was conscious of the pressure of such a huge motion picture.

"It felt kinda strange, being one part of a much bigger picture," he told the Herald.

"Literally. We had our own movie to worry about, and our strongest desire was to get this right, but you can't help but feel you're part of a big jigsaw, and you'd better not let the side down. Gotta hit a home run, no question . . ."

Audiences will see Evan’s character Steve Rogers transform from a scrawny volunteer into a super soldier, a challenge he says, he was happy to take on.

"I was happy to bulk up. It would have taken me out of the movie completely if I also had to strip all that muscle away and hit 90lb of coward. I could have done it, but, hey, then the movie mightn't be out until sometime in 2014 . . ."

“Captain America: the first Avenger “ is in theatres now.