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Susan Boyle fell victim to an embarrassing moment yesterday on “The View” when she stopped singing during a live performance.

Viewers of the show saw Susan start coughing and then clutching her stomach during her rendition of "O Holy Night". Leaning away from the microphone she asked “Can we do it again?”, apparently not realizing that the show was live.

Looking slightly bewildered after her request, she waited on stage before hosts of the chat-show, Sherri Shephard & Whoopi Goldberg rushed to her side.

“Oh my God, beautiful,” said host Sherri Shepherd, attempting to smooth over the awkward situation.

“I'm sorry, I had a bit of a frog in my throat,” Boyle explained.

Whoopi Goldberg comforted the Scottish singer saying: "Mine is always like that,."

"But that happens to you periodically, but when you're performing, what can you really do except stop and say, "I got a frog in my throat,' yeah?" she added.

The gaffe was witnessed by viewers on the east coast but  SuBo re-recorded the song for the viewers on the west coast.

The best-selling singer is currently on the tour circuit in the U.S. promoting her new best-selling album “The Gift”.

Last week Susan hinted that she was interested in doing a duet with Rihanna and it looks like a collaboration between the two could well happen after Rihanna tweeted that she was interested.

The New York star tweeted: "Hold up! I might be a lil late, but just heard that THE SuBo wants to collab wit ME??!?
'I'm game, doesn't get much cooler than this."

READ MORE- Susan Boyle set to play herself in musical