This is the first day of my official campaign to team up "Harry Potter" star Evanna Lynch with "Twilight's" Robert Pattinson.

Evanna has become one of the most talked-about movie stars in the world after causing a furore over her recent comments about "Twilight."

Evanna told a Danish Web site that Twilight character Bella Swan should just "get over it." "It" being Swan's infatuation with Pattinson's character "Edward Cullen."

Her comments predicably started a war of words with the "Twilight" fans who think Evanna's just being plain mean.

They're calling for "Twilight" fans to boycott the Potter movie.

But here's a better solution; Evanna's a huge star now so if she got a role in "Twilight," it would be an even bigger movie!

After all, Attinson once starred in a minor role in "Harry Potter"

I've already said I think Evanna should try out for Jane's role in "Twilight," and the emails I've received over the past 24 hours confirm that Evanna fans think it's a good idea too!

Jane - for those of you who have been living in an isolated island for the past year - is from the dark side of "Twilight."

Unlike Cullen and Bella (played by Kristen Stewart) Jane is described as "a ruthless vampire with the cold, dark eyes of a killer."

Fans from as far afield as Perth in Australia and Perth in Scotland have emailed saying they would love to see Evanna take on the role which is currently held by Dakota Fanning.

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