Olivia Griffin, Ryan Rob, Sophie Beirne and Carly Reger enjoy themselves at the California Spring Feis 2011! Photos by Olivia Griffin and friends

California Spring Feis
May 29-30, 2011
South San Francisco, CA
Hosted by the Murphy Irish Arts Center www.murphyirishartscenter.net
Results tabulated by FeisWorx - visit www.FeisWorx.com

Open Championship under 11
1 Behrens, Katja (Celtic Steps)
2 McCallum, Jesula (Penk-O'Donnell)
3 McBride, Katie (McBride School)
4 Castillo, Hannah (O'Sullivan Academy of Irish Dance, CA)

Open Championship under 12
1 Betz, Maegan (O'Sullivan Academy of Irish Dance, CA)
2 White, Erin (Dillon Moore Academy)
3 Rizza, Kestra (Dillon Moore Academy)

Open Championship under 13
1 Heller, Sara (Claddagh Western U.S.)
2 Grogan, Maggie (Whelan-Kennelly Academy of Irish Dance)
3 Armstrong, Erin (Cleary Irish Dance)
4 Taulli, Emma (Kelly School)
5 Kazemi, Arianna (Greene-Comerford School)

Open Championship under 14
1 Reger, Carley (Butler-Fearon-O'Connor)
2 Byrne, Devin (Butler-Fearon-O'Connor)
3 Payne, Moriah (O'Sullivan Academy of Irish Dance, CA)
4 O'Connor, Meghan (Cleary Irish Dance)
5 DeAngelis, Noelle (Kelly School)

Open Championship under 15
1 Probert, Amanda (Claddagh Western U.S.)
2 Beirne, Sophie (Butler-Fearon-O'Connor)
3 Grey, Jake (Comerford California)
4 Curcelli, Cristina (Comerford California)
5 Brennan, Shaye (Butler-Fearon-O'Connor)
6 Huguet, Makenzie (Dillon Moore Academy)
7 Barr, Emily (Celtic Steps)
8 Wise, Morgan (Comerford Oregon)

Open Championship under 16
1 Weinstock, Isobel (McBride School)
2 Ryan, Sarah (Butler-Fearon-O'Connor)
3 Colvin, Shannon (O'Connor School of Irish Dance)
4 Geasa, Annie (Dillon Moore Academy)

Open Championship under 17
1 Ostiller, Ryan (Butler-Fearon-O'Connor)
2 Greco, Claire (Healy School)
3 Hays, Tina (Greene-Comerford School)

Open Championship under 18
1 Lopez, Tori (Comerford California)
2 Stewart, Emily (O'Connor School of Irish Dance)
3 Guyle, Kaitlyn (O'Connor School of Irish Dance)

Open Championship 18 & Over
1 Griffin, Olivia (Butler-Fearon-O'Connor)
2 Brimhall, Kinsey (Comerford Oregon)
3 Andersen, Alicia Aileen (Clarkson)
4 MacSweeney, James (Whelan-Kennelly Academy of Irish Dance)
5 Goldes, Daryl (O'Connor School of Irish Dance)