Columbia Records has announced that it is preparing two releases to commemorate the Irish American rockers 1978 album "Darkness on the Edge of Town". The new releases will contain rare material from its recording session.

On November 16 they plan to release "The Promise: The 'Darkness on the Edge of Town' Story". This will contain three CDs and three DVDs that contain a re-mastered version of the album, 21 unreleased songs, a 1978 concert in Houston and a documentary about the album.

Also, on November 14, they will release a two-disc set called "The Promise" which will also contain unheard songs.

Just a couple of the unheard songs will include "Someday (We'll Be Together)," "The Brokenhearted," "Save My Love," "Ain't Good Enough For You," "It's A Shame," and "The Little Things (My Baby Does)."

Springsteen and E Street Band fans will be much relieved that these box sets are finally winging their way to the stores following years of rumors.

A considerably younger Bruce Springsteen