After his mic was switched off early at London’s Hyde Park due to a noise curfew, Bruce Springsteen took the time to make several jabs about the incident at his following Dublin concert.

At the Hyde Park gig he headlined in London, Springsteen had invited former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney on stage  to rock out. Together they performed ‘I Saw Her Standing There’ and attempted to perform ‘Twist and Shout,’ but it was cut short when the two exceeded the time limit set by organisers, who pulled the plug on their set.

In response, Springsteen opened his RDS Dublin gig flipping a switch on a huge prop power generator. Said Springsteen, "Before we were so rudely interrupted..." and opened his three-and-a-half hour gig with the final minute of ‘Twist and Shout,’ which had gone mute at the hands of concert organizers at Hyde Park.

The New Jersey rocker, who recently uncovered some of his own Irish roots, also held up a sign which read "Only the Boss says when to pull the plug" while wheeling on a huge on/off switch before playing ‘Dancing in the Dark.’

BBC News reports that one Dublin concert goer, Maurice Savage, said Springsteen was met by “wild applause” when he told fans there was no curfew in Ireland. The Boss did wrap up his set at a respectable 11:00pm, well within Dublin’s regulations.

Bruce Springsteen in concert