Bruce Springsteen enjoyed a proper Irish night out in Kilkenny yesterday when he attended K-Bowl for a spot of bowling, and later enjoyed some food at local Eddie rockets.

The star decided to enjoy some time in the Marble City before his shows this weekend.

He also ignited a swarm of posts on twitter from locals who caught a glimpse of him in either the local bowling alley or fast food restaurant.

The Daily Edge
reposted some of the tweets from locals -

@RebeccahLouise : Tanya got turned away from a bowling alley in Kilkenny tonight because BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN WAS BOWLING THERE AAAH

@mohnjorton : Bruce Springsteen hanging around down at K-Bowl in Kilkenny tonight . I wrote this just because it’s a sentence I thought I’d never write.

@KarenGrace93: Bruce Springsteen was in Eddie Rockets in Kilkenny tonight. Good thing the Mother wasn’t there or he’d be getting a restraining order on her.

No restraining orders have been reported as of yet!

There was also quite a scene when he was leaving K-Bowl -

Springsteen is due to play two more dates in Nowlan Park this weekend.