Bruce Jenner was the toast of the internet yesterday as Vanity Fair shared their latest cover, introducing the Olympic athlete and reality television star as her new self, Caitlyn.

The 22-page interview by Buzz Bissinger features photographs by Annie Liebowitz of Jenner for the first time since her transition.

Since Jenner’s ground-breaking interview with Diane Sawyer in April, there has been much speculation as to what her new name would be.

Caitlyn has Irish roots, stemming from Caitlin/Catherine/Cathleen (“koit-leen” “kath-leen”). Thanks to the website Baby Names of Ireland, you can hear the late, great author Frank McCourt pronounce the name here.

The name gained popularity thanks to St. Catherine, who came to Ireland with Christianity, revered for her courage and purity. Cathleen was such a highly popular and iconic name that W. B. Yeats chose it for the heroine of his 1899 play “The Countess Cathleen,” inspired by an Irish folktale.

“In a time of famine the Devil offers food to the starving poor in exchange for their souls. But Cathleen convinces Satan to take her soul instead. When she dies the Devil comes to collect her soul but God intervenes and carries Cathleen to heaven, saying that ‘such a sacrificial act cannot justly lead to evil consequences.’”

One of the most famous Irish airs is “I’ll take you home again Kathleen” even though it was composed by a German! Bing Crosby popularized it and Elvis Presley even recorded a version.

In the hours following the magazine's release, Caitlyn Jenner set a new record for followers on Facebook and Twitter – reaching 1 million Twitter followers in the span of close to four hours.