Britain's Daily Mail newspaper appears to be jumping the gun a bit with its coverage of the upcoming Steven Spielberg/Daniel Day-Lewis biopic Lincoln, claiming that U.S. critics are unimpressed with one of this fall’s most anticipated releases.

Double Oscar winner Day-Lewis never offers up a bad performance, and Spielberg is, well, Spielberg . . . but some critics are offering mini-reviews of Lincoln based on a brief trailer for the film that was recently released. And the Mail highlighted those who, based on the short footage, think Daniel’s transformation into President Abe Lincoln leaves much to be desired. called Day-Lewis’s Lincoln voice “high, folksy, at times almost meek” when giving the trailer a B- review. (Who knew that even trailers are now picked apart by critics?)

The Mail dug up another negative from the blog Hollywood Elsewhere, which opined, “I still don't like the sound of Daniel Day-Lewis's Lincoln voice. I almost hate it, in a way. It's flat, undistinctive, unimpressive.”

Given that there are no audio tapes of President Lincoln in existence, it’s hard to know what these folks were expecting. We’ll all get a chance to judge the full film for ourselves when it’s released on November 9.

"Obviously, we when cast Daniel we knew that in many respects, physically, he would look very much like Lincoln," producer Kathleen Kennedy recently told E Online.

"But it was a combination of the work that was being done in the makeup and hair trailer and also what Daniel himself took on for the physical appearance. He got quite thin and gaunt. It was quite extraordinary to see him for the first time."

Check out the trailer for 'Lincoln' here: